from March 4th until April 11th

The slopes are outside our door: a second and no more and away we go as the ski blades shoot away in a demonstration of pure pleasure.  There is something about snow crystals which sends a thrust of energy through our being - to our heart, to our lungs, to our legs, and our whole body celebrates.

Wintertime out on the snow is sensation of pure energy. Don't miss out!

The log fire is alight, itime enough to dedicate oneself to the small pleasures of life. The hotel has a relaxed pace and certain intrigue about it. Indulgence is the order of the day. The morning buffet is a delight to behold, the evening aperitif puts us in the mood, and the four course Ladin style menu is satisfaction guaranteed. Happiness is all around.

Hotel La Perla is a culinary experience not to be denied.

The house restaurants in and across the way are an attraction to be savoured, a sheer joy for the palate, and a variety of taste and ambience which us sure to please.