The moment of change. The moment of fresh beginnings. Spring awakes and nature rises from its winter slumber and dances to harmonious melodies. From our wooden framed windows it is refeshing and rejuvenating to see the days lengthen, the evenings sparkle, and the sun slowly slip behind the mountains. Spring, here with us, is an invitation to live life the simple way. 

The last remnants of snow are fast disappearing and the cows again enjoy their meadow space. Flowers spring up as if in obedience to the season’s call and the waterfalls and cascades make their voice heard once again. The trees too are reinvigorated, begin to stand proud again and show off their foliage.


Our very own Ladinia wears a glowing smile and looks up to the sun above. Farm produce too trundles its way to us and the milk, cheeses, butters, jams, honeys, all sit gaily at our tables. And then there is the wine and the speck. Ladinia seems to be a place of celebration and there is that feeling that we here in the present are somehow linked intrinsically to the warm bond nature offers us all.