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The first accomodation in Corvara 

Back in 1930 Ladinia was the first accommodation establishment in Corvara.

Cesco Kostner was the driving force, he alone changing the lives of many farmers and local workers. His influence and presence can still be felt at Ladinia til this day. To raise a glass to him is always a good idea. 


Our hotel does not have the necessary space to accommodate young children in a satisfactory way and therefore we take bookings only for young ones aged ten and over. The rooms are small and not many in number but they have all the essentials necessary: intimate, light, cosy, and most welcoming. And from the taps runs pure Dolomites water! The rugs, the wardrobes, the linen, the pillows, they all have a story to tell – enough is to be ready to listen and partake. The Ladinia life is particular in nature and is made up of moments that leave a sweet caress in one’s heart.

From early morning on Ladinia is a mix of wonderful  smells and aromas. It starts at breakfast time with bread fresh from the oven, farmer’s butter just delivered, various cereals, yoghurt, fruit juices. And then there is the sliced speck, it having something about the land about it, the very produce of a farmer’s toil. Later in the day it is other aromas which prevail, more of a soft and delicate nature. It must be the time of the aperitf; of the thirst-quenching beer, of the carefully selected wines. And then we pass merrily to the joys of the mountain table – a triumph of good taste and healthy balance.