Our small mountain lodge closes.

These are difficult times. This emergency means acting responsibly and deliberately.
That is what we are doing.

We ask all our guests to try and see this chapter of our lives with lightness and serenity. More than twenty years ago, Alexander Langer asked us to live slower, more thoughtfully, and with kindness.
The time has come to listen to his words. We cannot hold back any longer. We have to do something, and so we have: we may be physically isolated but remember you are never truly alone.
Our thoughts are with you.


We cannot make promises,
but we ardently hope to see you on 20 May.
See you soon.



When time stood still
“There is the odd squeak here and there but in  such a structure made entirely of wood that almost adds an extra intrigue to the place. And all the rooms seem to have their own individual particularity. Of course the rooms are a bit small and there is no bidet.”

Pedecorvara, 10
39033 Corvara - Italia - Dolomites

T +39 0471 836010

PI 01231580216