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Our hospitality can only get better

‘It is an American conspiracy!’ 
‘They are man-made bacteria’ 
‘We should have simply ignored it.’ 
‘The French and Germans were smarter; the Italians were too honest.’
‘Some were old, others already sick, they passed away but they were already on death’s doorstep.’ ‘The media, Facebook, social networks, politics are all to blame.’ 
‘What is all the fuss about over a bit of a fever?’
‘Had we only had a European Health Minister…’

Assumptions, accusations, nimbyism, egotism, and all the other ‘isms’: same old, same old, and nobody is safe. The heart of the matter is that for all the riches of our western world, we have never experienced such a crisis up close since the end of the world wars.

Eighteen thousand people at sea over the last five years were not enough to sound the global alarm. Some people heard it… but not everyone. Looks like we needed something close to home, a personal stake, to wake us up from this inured slumber. We were not used to events of this magnitude anymore. The here and now has always taken up all our thoughts, and the ripple effect of climate change has never been at the front of our minds. Its effects are far too distant and so, we do not – or do not want to – see them for that they are: urgent. We could never have imagined a wave of infections. Europe is in disarray over the situation – what we can do is listen to our Head of State, who has a clear message: now is not the time for anarchy.
The time for dithering is over, and we are to adhere to rules and decrees – no ifs, no buts. That means we have to close the La Perla, the Berghotel Ladinia and
the Albergo Posta Marcucci in Tuscany before planned.
We are terribly saddened, as it is a hard blow for the season, our guests, our trusty and amazing collaborators. And yet we must close. We will see you during the next season. 

These are difficult times, but humanity is at its best precisely during a crisis. This profoundly upsetting moment should – must – be taken as an opportunity to break down unfair paradigms, making us become more human and understanding that humanity as a whole always has a choice. And we will come back, stronger than before. 
There is always a silver lining. I know, I know, but hear me out. The following months represent the perfect opportunity to stop the spread of the virus as well as finding a solution to migration and climate change. This is where losing out as an individual can contribute to the collective good. The C19 virus is not the plague – nor is it the plague as described by Camus just a short half a century ago at the times of Nazism. It is not Chernobyl nor World War III. It is a drop in the flow of history and, please forgive me for this somewhat out of place reflection, I find it fascinating. It is an emergency. It will not pass in a month, nor in a few seasons. It will influence our ways of thinking. I hope we will try to be more thoughtful, and not act as rashly as we did in the past. 
A philosopher once said that painful times can be a wellspring of riches. I therefore ask you to see this chapter of our lives with lightness and serenity: let us live slower, more thoughtfully, and with kindness, just as Alexander Langer asked us to do more than twenty years ago. The time has come to listen to his words. We cannot hold back any longer. We have to do something, and so we have: we may be physically isolated but let’s unite in thoughts.

A heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to our collaborators who continued to take care of our guests, cook, clean the rooms and carrying suitcase for half the world… and then some. They are simply extraordinary. GIULAN, from the bottom of our hearts.
Thank you, dear guests and friends, for having stayed with us. For your understanding. And thank you for believing that hospitality in our home can be Italian, South Tyrolean, Ladin, homey and pure Dolomites. This is who we are. We will come back sooner than you know it, ready to embrace you with open arms. Because our hospitality can only get better. This is the only guarantee we can give you at the moment. See you this summer!

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